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Perl wizard with strong networking background

Perl Installer

Posted: September 27, 2020
Company name: Holophrastic Enterprises Inc.
Location: Oshawa, ON
Country: Canada
Pay rate: negotiable
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (project-based)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: Our website development platform is currently running off of the system's perl v5.16.3. It's high-time to get an up-to-date perl version. Not interested in upgrading the server's perl. Just looking for perl installation in an isolated directory, addressable by a typical shebang change.

Our platform uses very few modules (require Archive::Zip;•require BSD::Resource;•require Data::Dumper;•require DBI;•DBI:mysql to a mariadb•require Digest::MD5;•require Encode;•require Excel::Writer::XLSX;•require Image::Magick;•require LWP::UserAgent;•require MIME::Base64;•require PDF::API2;•require POSIX;•require Spreadsheet::ParseExcel;•require Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet::SheetProtection;•require Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;•require Storable;•require Unicode::Normalize;•use locale;•use utf8). Obviously versions need to be made compatible.

CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)

You'll build it on our test server, I'll copy it onto our production servers -- they are (were) identical VM images.

A previous attempt used pkgsrc, but resulted in a perl interpreter that was 50% slower than a regular perl install (./Configure). This was easily benchmarked by a looped eval() statement.
Desired skills: More the undesired skills. Not interested in version managers.
Contact information: perljobs@holophrasticenterprises.com

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