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Write a test suite for a catalyst application.

Posted: November 10, 2017
Company name: Direct Freight Services
Location: Remote
Country: United States
Pay rate: TDB, USD
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (project-based)
Onsite: no
Description: We are building an API for our services and are looking for talented programmers to write the test suite. Each endpoint for our API is it's own Catalyst application. This project is just for the one endpoint, documentation for it is in the url below.

We would like tests against the existing model code, existing controller code, and via the API interface. For the API testing we want tests based on the documentation. The external tests needs to try a range of tests, to verify both the correct, and incorrect input is being handled properly.

This is an alpha application still in development. Because of that, we don't expect debugging, feature development, or writing code coverage tests against nonexistent code.

Please e-mail with questions.
Desired skills: * Perl
* Catalyst
* Testing
* Some familiarity with REST APIs
Website for more information: www.directfreight.com
Contact information: Email: jeremy@directfreight.com

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