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Syndication feeds

RSS feeds

We have various RSS feeds available to help you learn about new postings.

Please configure your system to fetch the data on some irregular interval. For example every hour on the hour is a bad idea; every 82 minutes is a much better idea.
With most modern cron daemons you can specify an interval in minutes with something like

10 */4 * * *  sleep $(expr $RANDOM \% 3600); lwp-mirror http://jobs.perl.org/rss/standard.rss ~/perljobs.rss

Examples of sites using these feeds
Kansas City Perl Mongers

Add ?limit=N to any of the above filenames to specify the number of jobs you want. The default is 12 and the maximum is 30.


Another way to get a list of Perl Jobs on your site is to include the following HTML tag on your page:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://jobs.perl.org/rss/standard.js">
Substitute standard with "mod_perl" to get the mod_perl job listing and add the limit= parameter as with the RSS feeds.

Comments, please!

If you have suggestions or wishes to other feeds (other formats or other datasets), please send a mail.

We are planning to put links to sites using our RSS feeds on this page, so if you do, please send us mail.

Comments to Ask Bjørn Hansen at ask@perl.org.