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Test if an email address is real, cleaning out bad lists

Posted: November 26, 2022
Company name: Silverfire
Location: SF, CA
Country: United States
Poster represents: an independent contractor
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (project-based)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: Im looking to clean a csv file of email address that are bad for multiple reasons. Mostly people moving jobs, looking to have a perl script built that can do the following for an input file email.csv with column email address. The output will be output.csv that has two columns email, reason. Email that is checked and the reason that the email failed or not.

Im looking for checks for the following:

Catch-all domains checker
Spotting domains that return valid for all emails

Hard bounce checker
We send undetectable verifications to find out whether the email address really exists and can receive email messages.

Spam trap checker
Cleaning spam traps

Domain - SMTP validation
Checking the ISPs and notate all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains or invalid accounts. Checking the mx record to see if the mx resolves to the domain on the email. SO for example if the mx record points to xyz.com but the domain in the email is 234.com

Let me know how much you would charge and your timeframe.

Desired skills: email checking
Contact information: derek.w@strategyconsulting.tech

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