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Perl Developer and Business Owner? Remote Perl role in UK & EU

Posted: August 8, 2022
Company name: Perl Jobs by Perl Careers
Location: UK and EU Remote
Country: United Kingdom
Pay rate: Depending on experience
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: Business ownership without ulcers!

There’s something to be said for the heady sense of pride that comes from owning your own business. Of course, that pride is likely mixed with a healthy dose of too-much-work, too-little-play, and the ever-present fear of bankruptcy. If you’re a Perl Developer who wants company ownership without the glowing ulcer, read on!

Our clients run a job search engine that has grown from two friends with an idea to a site that receives more than 10 million visits per month. Based in London, all full-time employees are owners, because these job search geniuses hold ownership as one of their core values. And hey, don’t worry if London is a tad far for you — they offer a fully remote position for those within two hours of London’s time zone.

Of course, if you do live near enough to the West London office to make the commute, we highly recommend doing so. Between their rooftop terrace, bar, table tennis, and chock-a-block social calendar, there is plenty of motivation to get out of your flat and onto the tube. Did we mention the twice-yearly (once a certain pandemic wraps up) global team get-togethers? Think offices from three continents converging in a glorious mingling of accents and awesomeness.

Here’s what you need to get onto this epic team:

· Perl pro with at least three years of experience with high-volume and high-traffic apps and sites

· A solid understanding of Object-Oriented Perl (perks if that knowledge includes Moose)

· SQL/MySQL and DBIx::Class

· Experience with unit and functional testing (Test::More) and Unix/Linux

· Git

· An adaptable, flexible workstyle that meshes well with a remote team

If you’ve got these skills, they’re willing to woo you with a competitive salary, healthcare, an enhanced maternity/paternity program, ongoing personal development opportunities, and a bustling social calendar that provides you with as much connection as you want.

You could own a business — but why not join a team where ownership and play are both possible? Send us your CV today and tell us why you want in!
Desired skills: At a minimum:

4 or more years commercial experience with web-based Perl projects
Strong grasp of OO Perl, preferably using Moose or Moo
Comfortable writing your SQL by hand, or with DBIx::Class
Familiar with Perl’s testing tools and Test::More
Know your way around a Linux (or Unix) system
Experience using VCS, preferably git
Conscientious with a great attention to detail

You’ll cause significant excitement if you’re also familiar with any of:

ElasticSearch, Solr, Lucene, or some other heavy-weight search engine
Happy to work with templating systems, especially Template::Toolkit
Previous work history with classified or specialist ads
A fundamental understanding of web-servers: Varnish, nginx, PSGI/Plack, Apache etc
Knowledge of spidering technologies
Cloud-deployment, with AWS preferred
Infrastructure from data / Modern DevOps tooling, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, etc
Distributed queueing or messaging, like Gearman, ActiveMQ, and so on
Not scared by utf8, and a reasonable understanding of the fundamentals of Unicode
Website for more information: job.perl.careers
Contact information: pete@perl.careers

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