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Backend Engineer

Posted: July 11, 2022
Company name: Deriv
Location: Berlin, Germany
Country: Germany
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: some
Description: At Deriv.com we are a Perl shop and need strong backend engineers who are familiar with both code and the platforms like k8s.

We are creating a team to move our Perl platform to Kubernetes, introduce an automation mindset, and introduce other standard tools like Terraform. All as platform solutions and not simple operations. So we need programmers with general operation skills.

You like the job if you enjoy using more than your Perl expertise. You will help with tasks like Dockerization of our apps and scripts, creating new platforms for automation, refactoring the current code into microservices before moving them to k8s, and helping us to create the k8s platform we need.

We had a good record of finding exceptional technical people in the Perl community for this.

The company is 1k+ by size and going toward 2k+ by next year. We are financially strong, and we haven’t slowed down our hiring. We have exciting challenges both technically and on the team’s level. We are hiring at the Senior IC and managerial levels.

We hire in Berlin, Germany; France; Cyberjaya, Malaysia; UAE; Cyprus or Remote
Desired skills: Perl
Linux and Networking
Website for more information: deriv.com
Contact information: You can send me a message with your CV at kaveh@deriv.com

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