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Perl software engineer

Posted: March 11, 2022
Company name: iwantmyname / centralnic group
Location: Europe
Pay rate: Competitive GBP/EUR
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: We are looking for an experienced Perl software engineer with some Linux and/or FreeBSD skills and experience.

This role will be part of the team responsible for the iwantmyname retail DNS brand, part of CentralNic Group. The team works entirely remotely, for customers all over the world using Agile processes and modern development and engineering practice, including unit testing and code review. The role will be based remotely. We embrace flexible working and are happy to discuss suitable arrangements that will work for everyone.

You will be

Working with a multi-skilled team on troubleshooting software and system problems
Developing new features and bug fixing perl web applications and backend systems
Work with the customer support team to respond to issues and questions raised by customers
Implementing new microservices, migrating legacy systems to cloud and shared services working with other teams at centralnic and external partners
Providing On-Call support for the brand software applications and services on a paid rota basis
Desired skills: Have excellent knowledge and proven experience with Modern Object Oriented Perl, but also confident and experienced working with legacy Perl.
Be familiar with Object Oriented Programming and MVC in Perl and frameworks such as Catalyst, Mojolicious, Moose and DBIx::Class
Bring basic knowledge in the administration of Linux/Unix standard services (Linux, Freebsd, haproxy, nginx, Postgres, Couchdb, firewalls, ssh keys)
Bring basic knowledge and some experience in scripting with Bash and similar shells
Know how to debug internet related issues that occur in a distributed application and related Internet services such as DNS, and email
Confident working with a high availability cluster of mixed Linux and Freebsd servers, and staging environment and development environments
Have strong experience in unit testing both new and legacy perl code
Confident enough with a variety of technology to learn to use and replace legacy applications written in erlang
Website for more information: careers.centralnicgroup.com
Contact information: careers.centralnicgroup.com/jobs/1644...

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