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Python and Perl: Better Together! Perl/Python role in London

Posted: February 14, 2022
Company name: Perl Jobs by Perl Careers
Location: South West London, United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
Pay rate: Depending on experience
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: The most epic mash-up since peanut butter met jelly

Some things are better together. Chicken and waffles, peanut butter and jelly, and Perl and Python. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. We’ve got a role open for a Senior Developer skilled in both Perl and Python.

Where better for a multi-talented developer like you than an organization at apex of their field? These premium native advertising gurus understand corporate, tech, financial services, and lifestyle technology. They’ve got a client roster that reads like a who’s who of the business and tech sectors, and their fabulous location in the centre of London will make you eager to get out of your flat and rejoin society.

Speaking of leaving the hermitage — remember when days had structure? Grown-up clothes, drinks after work with colleagues, stopping by the shops on your way home… ah. Those were the days, and those can be the days you have again with this role. After meeting your fun, dynamic team members, you’ll be out of your tracksuit faster than you can say “chunky peanut butter is better than smooth.”

Once you’ve adapted to the excitement of life outside your home, you’ll use server-side code, client-side code, databases, and websites to develop the software platform. If your Perl isn’t quite as shiny as your Python (or vice versa), this role may still be for you. As long as you’ve got the drive to brush up on whichever language is less strong, you may be the right fit for this independent, engaged team.

Interested? Send us your CV with your Perl and Python experience and your position on the “chunky versus smooth” peanut butter debate.
Desired skills: Required

Commercial experience with one of Mojolicious / Catalyst / Dancer
Commercial experience with a front-end JavaScript framework, ideally React, but Angular or Vus.js considered too


Comfortable with Go and/or Python, or a willingness to learn
Experience working with data at scale, especially experience with Google BigTable
Exposure to Google Cloud Platform
Website for more information: job.perl.careers
Contact information: pete@perl.careers

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