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Full Stack Developer (remote)

Posted: January 27, 2022
Company name: Nuvola Group
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: Nuvola Group operates in two main business areas, with this role 95% focused on our Digital Acceptance and eSignature solution, and 5% in Payments (front end portal).

We deliver an enterprise solution to our customers, and are growing and expanding and are seeking experienced Full Stack developers to join a small and highly skilled team - with work on new products, new product features, fixes and maintenance/refactoring. We are dynamic and interesting with many new client requirements, and constantly throwing interesting challenges and projects to our team.

We are headquarted in Australia, with clients locally and in North America. We are open to candidates in any geography, with a focus on Europe (close to majority of our team), and North America - however the right candidate could be from anywhere.

We are seeking long term employment, initially on an hourly or contact basis and then switching to salary/long term permanant. We are open to a range of model for billing/payment and can discuss this with short listed candidates.

We are seeking multiple hires. We look forward to hearing from you.
Desired skills: Requirements and skills

Essential skills and knowledge:
- has a good knowledge of Perl and Modern Perl guidelines up to Perl 5.26
- working experience of mod_perl
- database development experience using SQL(SQL:2003 standard and understanding a few different dialects)
- has very good knowledge of ECMAScript(ECMA-262) 5.1 and JQuery, CSS 3
- experience applying fundamental design principles such as SOLID, KISS, DRY
- general understanding of CPU, Networking
- be comfortable with Linux
- experience with source code control systems (git based)

Desirable skills and knowledge:
- knowledge of websockets
- knowledge of Mojolicious and Catalyst
- some acquaintance with CI/CD, Docker, and DevOps

Required behaviors:
- is concerned and capable to retain backwards compatibility in APIs and features
- has good attitude to teamwork, is friendly and open to different views
- strong team working skills and an ability to build trusted relationships with different people and groups
Website for more information: www.nuvolagroup.com.au
Contact information: hiring@nuvolagroup.com.au

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