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Update legacy ecommerce site, simplify, and new payment gateway

Posted: January 19, 2022
Company name: Ausmidi Pty Ltd
Location: Remote, Sydney, Australia
Poster represents: an independent contractor
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: I have a site selling music tracks that was written with Perl over 10 years ago. It has worked well for years but has many redundant features and code that does not interface well with modern web expectations. Turnover is small these days but I would like to breath new life into it.
Desired skills: perl, stripping legacy features, updating to modern codebase, down to earth communication skills and honesty, willingness to work with a small business, ability to work fast is a plus.
Website for more information: www.midiking.com
Contact information: Peter Varley
Timezone Sydney AUST

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