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Backend Perl developer

Posted: November 7, 2021
Company name: Redgrape Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Location: New delhi, India
Country: India
Pay rate: 60000-80000 inr monthly
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: We are looking for web application developers who are proficient in programming and writing good code .

Our preferred programming language is Perl5 used in conjunction
with modern web development framework like Mojolicious.
(mojolicious.org/). Apart from web application
the candidates are also expected to write "scripts" (cron
jobs) that interact with multiple system and automate things.

we expect candidate to know the underlying principles of how
applications work in a given OS environment. In other words the
candidate should have idea of deployment of applications and OS
concepts of linux like file permissions, ownerships, binding,
sockets, etc and pretty much everything that is involved running
the software at development or production level.

We also expect the candidates to have idea of popular opensource
software that are used for functions like Database (Pg/Mysql),
Queuing, Caching (redis/memcached) , Object storage (S3,Redis),
Messaging(AMPQ,RabbitMQ,Kafka), Logging (Syslog), LDAP etc and
how to use them through various CPAN modules.

Pls note this an office based position.
We are based in New Delhi, (West Delhi, Dwarka bordering Gurugram)
Desired skills: *Required Skills*:

- Good fluency to CODE and write structured and maintainable
code in Perl.
- Good understanding of REST protocol
- Good understanding of OpenAPI
- Deep understanding of Database design concepts
- Understanding of OOPS concept
- Familarity with ERP DataModels will be beneficial.
- Good understanding of HTML/CSS and JavaScript
- Knowledge of Linux OS and *proficiency in commandline*
- Working in remote non-gui console environments using Vi/Vim
Website for more information: redgrape.tech
Contact information: Rajesh Kumar Mallah

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