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Backend Perl API developer [ Remote but Employer TZ]

Posted: July 29, 2021
Company name: Redgrape Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Location: New delhi, India
Country: India
Pay rate: 20 USD
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Part time
Onsite: no
Description: Postition: Backend Perl API developer

We are looking for remote perl developers of intermediate level
who can work in IST Timezone regularly for 3-4 HRS daily.
The Postition is for development of new software projects
in modern perl. Our codebase is highly modular at code level
level as well as repository levels. The dev working environment is
remote friendly consisting of ubuntu/linux server , git version
control (via GitLab).

*Hourly Rate*:
- 20 USD ( This is an intermediate position)

1. We need availability in working hours of India (+530 GMT)
Local working hour starts: 10 AM or 11 AM onwards.
2. After a continued engagement (of first 3 months) working hours
may get shifted to developer's convinient local timezone.
3. Sustained availability for average 3-4 hrs is ideal.
4. TimeTracking is based in GitLab '/spend' entries in "Issue"
5. Code must be committed frequently with attributions/details
good git discipline is expected.
Desired skills: *General Skills*:

- Good programming and analytical skills for problem solving
- Good understanding of REST protocol
- Good understanding of OpenAPI
- Deep understanding of Database design concepts
- Understanding of OOPS concept
- Familarity with ERP DataModels will be beneficial.

*Perl Skills*:

- Stronghold in perl data structures(DS) like LoH, LoL
- understanding of dynamic creation and manupulation of
named and anonymous DS
- Good understanding of Mojolicious framework and features.
- Good understanding of common Mojo plugins like OpenAPI, Yancy etc.
- Good Understanding of DBIx::Class and SQL::Abstract and
relation modelling in DBIx::Class.
- Ability to write automated tests.

*Unix/Linux Skills*:

- Familarity of command line and unix/linux command will help.
- Familarity with unix concepts of process / permissions / network will help.
Website for more information: redgrape.tech
Contact information: mailto: mallah@redgrape.tech

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