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Manager Needed for 5 Perl Developers - (Rate commensurate with experience - 0-50 hours per week)

Posted: July 2, 2021
Company name: QIMA
Location: Hong Kong / Global
Country: Hong Kong
Pay rate: 100
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: Pay: $50-$100 / hour commensurate with experience. We are willing to pay higher rates for the experienced Perl developers as well as bonus for leading large scale projects independently. We are NOT looking for Entry level, we want good to great only.

This position can be a full-time salaried role with benefits if the candidates prefers.

What we’re looking for: A manager with Perl experience to manage a team of 4-6 Perl data engineers. Our work centers around our marketing team to help manage leads, compile reports and help prepare marketing automation campaigns.

Location: Our team is VERY global: Australia, New York, Paris, Hong Kong + China, you name it. That basically means you can work whatever hours you want; you will not be measured by what time of the day you work, or how many hours you work, but rather the quality of the work you deliver.

You will:
Manage a team of 4-6 Perl Developers
Work very closely with the Lead Data Engineer + Marketing Director to decide on strategy and execution planning.
Ensure your team is developing efficient, scalable, and BUG-free code.

The work of your developers will include:
Maintaining and extending ETL jobs, mainly in Perl, also in Python and PHP.
Extend and improve libraries supporting our various inputs and outputs, including Marketo, Zoho CRM, MySQL, Excel, and CSV.
Extend and improve our data access API in Python Flask.
Support the data needs of colleagues in Sales, Reporting, Operations, Marketing Emails, Marketing Website.
Desired skills: Management Requirements:
Either previous experience managing people or a strong desire to move in to management.
Must be likeable and know how to motivate a team.

Development Requirements:
Primary languages used: Perl and Phython (You must have one of these)
Secondary: PHP
Nice to have: SQL
Website for more information: www.qima.com
Contact information: Hiring manager: Michael Mesarch
Lead Data Engineer: Daryl Anderman
Email: michael.mesarch@qima.com, daryl.anderman@qima.com

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