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Perl Web Developer

Posted: May 20, 2021
Company name: Exceleron Software, LLC
Location: Bangaluru, India (WFH option available)
Country: India
Pay rate: Commensurate with experience
Poster represents: an employer
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: About Company

Exceleron Software, LLC is a software development company specializing in hosted applications for the prepaid utility industry. Founded in 1999, Exceleron originally focused on developing a prepaid alternative for the telecommunication industry. Since 2004, the company has concentrated on meeting the needs of electric service providers.
Exceleron’s MyUsage™ Prepaid (formerly known as PAMS) is a patented, hosted solution for managing prepaid accounts for electricity, gas, water, and/or other utility services. MyUsage Prepaid is transforming the utility industry by reducing write-offs and bad debt, improving customer service, and encouraging conservation.

Job Details

We have passionate, fun loving, exciting people at exceleron in India and US. we are looking for people who can have fun at work.
We are looking for mid to senior level Perl professionals with strong communication skills (You should be able to talk Technology with ease) and be someone who works well as part of a team and enjoys sharing ideas and debating options. You will be expected to provide input in the design of systems and can even venture an opinion on front end design issues.
Core modules used in our systems: Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Template::Toolkit, Plack, Test::More, Moose, PDF::API2 along with many of others.
Should have experience in writing tests and doing code reviews and participating in test driven development. You are also likely to have several CPAN modules, and follow the latest technical developments
Desired skills: Job Requirements:
• 2-5 years experience in Perl Development with a working
knowledge of the following web development stack: HTML/XHTML,
CSS, JavaScript, Apache/Nginx
• Extensive experience with OO Perl
• Proficient with building/managing relational databases
• Any perl based web frameworks ( Mojolicious, Catalyst, Dancer ,
CGI Application or anything else)
Website for more information: www.exceleron.com
Contact information: varsha@goworkconsultancy.in

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