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Mad Men (and women) of London. Perl in London

Posted: February 2, 2021
Company name: Perl Jobs by Perl Careers
Location: City of London, UK
Country: United Kingdom
Pay rate: Inline with experience
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: Shaken or stirred?

The 1950s and 1960s saw the rise of the Madison Avenue ad man — hello, Don Draper. While much has changed since the days of three-martini lunches, advertisements are here to stay. Every magazine, billboard, and commercial wants to sell something, but it’s online advertising that’s truly tailored to the individual. Ever think about the technology behind those “Sponsored Financial Content” ads? Our client does.

The leader in premium native advertising for technology, financial services, and corporate and lifestyle sectors, our client is the power behind the advertising throne for over 200 websites, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN Business, and The Washington Post. Matching content to the unique aesthetic of each site, advertisers distribute bright, shiny ads to over 349 million consumers worldwide. Don Draper, eat your heart out.

Want to join these twenty-first century mad men (and women)? This dynamic team is looking for a senior Perl programmer with a strong understanding of Go programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms. Add in a liberal dash of Python, experience with frameworks like Django, a solid understanding of databases like MySQL and NoSQL databases like Google BigTable, and you might be on your way to Madison Avenue (or London, because that’s where this role is based).

Well-located in London, your new office is within walking distance of Buckingham Palace. Tea with the Queen sounds like a nice way to spend your lunch break, doesn’t it? If visiting Her Royal Majesty isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty more shops, restaurants, and pubs nearby for after-work drinks and socializing with your fellow ad-tech aces. With a mid-sized team, you’ll have enough coworkers to make it interesting, but not so many that you can’t remember which Ted once saw Bono queueing at the market.

If you’ve got the capability to take over projects, add fab new features to existing platforms, and take this already-excellent product to the next level, drop us an email and let us know — we’ll save you a martini.
Desired skills: Strong Modern Perl.

The ideal candidate is someone who’s been working with Perl, Go and Python for a while. Someone who can take over projects, add new features to the existing platform and collaborate with the team to make an already triumphant product continue to grow.
Website for more information: job.perl.careers
Contact information: pete@perl.careers

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