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Senior Software Engineer (Perl)

Posted: January 7, 2021
Company name: Informatics India Ltd
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Pay rate: 700000inr
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: ROLES and Responsibilities:
1. Open-source library automation, including commercial development for Koha.
2. Maintaining a Koha(ILS) application and other open-source software like Moodle, OTRS, Nagios, Dspace, Pazpar2, Eprints, Vufind, ERM(Coral)
3. Perform Linux Administration(Mysql Replication, Heart Beat Clustering, etc).
4. Lead and Manage a team of 4
6. Responsible for all clients using Koha/Security fixes
7. Knowledge of version control systems: Git or/and SVN
8. Work with databases to design, administer and perform data migration from/to MySQL. Postgresql, MariaDB
9. Perform Third-party authentication and integration with OpenLDAP, Payment Gateway(Payment express, MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS), Payumoney, SSL Commerce), SIP2, EDIFACT, NCIP.
10. Contribute to Koha community code base.
12. Work on Security fixes Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)/Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Desired skills: Highly experienced in Perl Programming.
Hands on knowledge of Bash scraping.
Proficient Working in Linux based environments.
Have worked with AWS/Azure cloud services.
Previous Knowledge of Koha Software (Not mandatory)
Worked on System Integrations
Contact information: pmjgate@informaticsglobal.com

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