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Full Stack Perl Developer

Posted: May 2, 2020
Company name: Redgrape Technologies Private Limited
Location: New Delhi
Country: India
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: Yes Perl!, We are looking for passionate and experienced Full Stack Perl Developers to work on new Projects related to ERP.
Mojolicious is used as the web application framework supplemented with various CPAN and inhouse modules.

Minimum Experience: 8+ Years

Coding Traits:
(*) Candidate should be able to recognize re-usable patterns in existing code and factor out the same in reusable libraries.
(*) Code should have a balance between succinctness and readability.
(*) Candidate should have an inclination to write optimized code in terms of performance and structure.
Desired skills: Perl: DBI,DBIx,strong SQL::Abstract skill, Mojolicious or Catalyst or Dancer,XML/RPC, OOPs concepts (Moose/non-Moose), IPC, Logging (Log4Perl), Profiling,Exception handling

DB: Postgresql/MySQL

Messaging: Kakfa / RabbitMQ
Others: Memcached/Redis/ElasticSearch , REST APIs, JSON, OpenAPI, JSON Schema, ELK Stack

Experience in linux is a must. Understanding of OS concepts like processes, permissions, filesystems, (r)syslog(ng), Networking,
DNS etc is required. Experience with git is also a must , we use git/gerrit work flow.

Experience with popular opensource softwares like Apache / Nginx , Solr/ Elasticsearch / Lucene , Bash scripting , unix pipes
(sed/awk) is valued.

Frontend Skills:
(*) Basic Understanding of HTML/CSS
(*) Advanced javascript and libraries like jQuery/ReactJS/Vue etc.

(*) Stock Options for deserving partners.
Website for more information: www.redgrape.tech
Contact information: Rajesh Kumar Mallah

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