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Full Stack Developer (perl)

Posted: August 6, 2019
Company name: Inphoria
Location: Chicago
Country: United States
Poster represents: an independent contractor
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: We are seeking a mature developer capable of operating at all levels of the web application stack to participate in refactoring and new development of a medium-large application and its infrastructure.

EDIT: The team feels we need the candidate in Chicago for a ramp up period of at least several weeks before transitioning to primarily remote.


Our project is a small no-BS modern web stack application for a boutique law firm home to young lawyers hungry to integrate technology throughout the business.

This application is something no one has done it before, and it solves a number of novel problems in an interesting business domain.

Some basic tech stack information:

All back end hosts run linux. Current developers are using Macos but you can use whatever is most productive for you on your developer machine.

The application router is Mojolicious on perl 5.24 (currently). The router, other daemons and services heavily leverage a group of perl libraries built around Moose. The perl practices derive from modern perl design patterns and language standards.

The front end is primarily jquery with a few custom modules, jqueryUI, and then a smattering of third party plugins, the two largest of which in footprint are dataTables and ag-Grid.

The data stores are SQL based at this time though certain schema-less or noSQL tools are under consideration. Libraries can provide a Store model for anything which can be returned as an object/hash: API calls, files, web pages, shell output, etc.

The application involves a large footprint of Automated User Agents for various external data source scraping tools. There are also regularly run ETL processes which are fed from certain government data sources.

There are some other small components built in Golang and Python.

In my opinion, its pretty darn cool but it has grown too large for one hacker to manage.

In terms of what it does:
Information glue interfaces which marry disparate and eclectic resources into user friendly UIs for rendering on desktop, laptop, and mobile form factors
Comprehensive case management and status tracking
Abstraction and integration of local filesystems through the browser
Extensive document generation both in singleton, groups, and batch of groups including publishing automation
Note management, notifications, task assignment and communication support
Extensive support for scraping external sources and hoarding data
A whole bunch more ...

What we can offer:
Interesting technology and interesting problems to work on in a well-controlled technical environment with minimal management interference as well as abstraction from annoying actors
A solid design and solid answers available when you need them from technical managers
Environment encouraging no-BS technical solutions
An opportunity to make design decisions with big impact on software that will be running for decades
Generous levels of compensation and support
Brand new hardware set with VPN credentials for remote access
Once up to speed, maximal flexibility with work hours and locations
Desired skills: perl, mysql, mojolicious, moose, javascript, jquery, jquery-ui, data tables, ag-grid, python, golang, linux, bash
Contact information: will.townsley@inphoria.com

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