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A love-fest of job satisfaction

Posted: March 3, 2019
Company name: Perl Careers
Location: London, United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: What if you had a job you loved, and that job helped other people find jobs they loved? If you’re an advocate of ‘sharing is caring’, then jump on the merry-go-round of contentment where everybody’s satisfied.

This client has built a search engine for people to find their ideal employers in the UK. So with them, you’ll be working on jobs within a job - think of it like Inception but for career dreams instead of nocturnal ones, very meta.

The company has a great ethos that anyone with a heart made of organic matter is sure to appreciate. They value openness in an informal, diverse environment, and find office politics as tedious and banal as you do. If you’re an independent thinker who likes teamwork - you’ll like here, and they throw a biannual shindig that proves they’re not a Monty Burns-style employer.

A stable company that’s financially sound and pays the salary that shows it, they’re after a skilled, modern Perl developer who thinks on their feet and loves making a real impact. It’s not the job to end all jobs, it’s the job that begins all jobs. Get in on the action and spread the satisfaction.
Desired skills: The ideal candidate has:

Experience with DBIx::Class and either Postgres or MySQL
Template Toolkit
Experience with at least one of the modern web frameworks: Dancer, Mojolicious, Catalyst
Exposure to Moose would be ideal
Knows their way around HTML and Javascript
Website for more information: job.perl.careers
Contact information: leticia@perl.careers

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