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100% Remote Perl Developer

Posted: December 6, 2018
Company name: Xoriant Corporation
Location: New York, NY
Country: United States
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Hourly employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: Title: Perl Programmer/ Developer (2 Positions)
Location: 100% Remote
Duration: 6+ months

Scope of Work

Phase 1:

1. Assessment of existing Perl code with respect to client identified security findings/recommendations.
1. Full file permission review/correct
2. OS/Perl/modssl/etc update
3. Encrypt files and update code
4. Remove SSNs from tables where not necessary
2. Migration of Perl code from 5.8.4 to latest version
3. Remediation of coding logic identified by Client (examples: security questions exposed, ldap connection security, others as identified in assessment)
4. Remediation of issues identified in Acunetix scans
1. Remediate blind SQL Injections
2. Resolve cross site scripting
3. Update vulnerable Javascript libraries
4. Change permissions on folders listing files
5. RC4 cipher suites detected
6. Clickjacking: X-Frame-Options header missing
7. OPTIONS method is enabled
8. TRACE method is enabled
9. Other issues
5. Regression testing

Phase 2:

1. Replacement of primary keys and all other SSN from database (162+ tables) with N-Numbers (like-for-like).
2. At the end of this work, there should no SSNs anywhere in the database and system should function with N-Numbers.
3. There may be code updates to make sure any data integrity / quality checks that are currently in place are update to the new data format.
Website for more information: www.xoriant.com
Contact information: nimesh.rawal@xoriant.com

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