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Senior Perl developer for long term project

Posted: December 4, 2018
Company name: Nuvola Group
Poster represents: an employer
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: We are seeking an exceptional full stack Perl developer to join a team of senior passionate developers creating some world leading applications. You will work on a couple of different established projects dealing with successful products already in full production. You can get an idea of the job from our desidered skill list here below.
Desired skills: We would like to meet a full stack Perl developer that:

- has a quality and security mindset for ALL developments
- has strong test driven development practices
- has a good knowledge of Perl and Modern Perl guidelines, with strong coverage till to Perl 5.26
- has awareness of what @INC is and how to properly use cpanm to maintain a whole Perl install
- has working knowledge of mod_perl and its pitfalls compared to CGI, and differences between available Apache MPMs
- has strong knowledge of DBI, RDBMs, and SQL language main constructs up to SQL:2003 standard
- has strong knowledge of SQL dialects peculiarities from main vendors: MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, others are welcome
- prefers not to use ORMs and tries to carefully avoid them whenever possible
- does develop solutions using OOTB OO Perl features, and does not need or rely on Moo* at all
- is concerned with performance, code elegance, code security, DRY and KISS principles
- keeps dependencies as low as possible, wisely uses the least amount of external modules/libraries to implement a given feature
- writes concise, smart, terse code that is also clear to review years later, simple code with no cleverness usage unless actually needed
- could maintain legacy, messy code, improving its consistency by incremental refactoring
- is concerned and capable to retain backwards compatibility in APIs and features
- has awareness of memory usage, CPU cycles, and network latency, while writing code
- has good debugging and reverse engineering skills
- always tests thoroughly code before issuing merge requests
- has awareness about space-time tradeoff
- is comfortable with hierarchic complex data structures and their mappings between Perl and JSON representations
- formats carefully his Perl and SQL code, using hard tabs and with no double/leading/trailing spurious spaces
- knows and use q, qq, qx, m, s, and almost never need to escape characters in regexes and strings
- knows Perl POD, makes wise use of comments in code
- has good attitude to teamwork, is friendly and open to different views, likes brainstorming, is flexible and agreeable to listen to customer requirements
- makes design proposals, but has no problems to comply if a different design is chosen
- has good git knowledge, is comfortable to work with it and to sync his code across several different git remotes at the same time, including git bundles usage. Prevents and avoids git conflicts
- has good knowledge of ECMA-262 5.1 and JQuery
- knows and uses delegate events, separation between js and html
- does event-based js programming
- knows CSS till version 3, skills and capabilities to design and implement complex UI/UX with CSS are not required but warmly welcomed
- has knowledge of basic networking principles, network security, main internet protocols from physical layer up to application one on the OSI stack
- has knowledge of basic encryption and hashing concepts and tools, and related security topics
- has average knowledge of Linux systems, bash commandline, main bash utilities and ssh
- has good knowledge of JSON, XML, and other data encoding formats
- has some experience with issue tracking systems (we use Jira)

Experience with following topics is not required but welcomed:

- knowledge of websockets
- some knowledge of Windows systems
- knowledge of Mojolicious (we do not use it yet, anyway)
- some acquaintance with CI/CD, Docker, and DevOps
Contact information: In order to apply, please drop us a mail to jobs@nuvolagroup.com.au

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