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A fresh start for 2019 - Mid to Senior Perl Developers in London

Posted: December 1, 2018
Company name: Perl Careers
Location: London, UK
Country: United Kingdom
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: There’s nothing like a flip of the calendar to get you thinking about what you want in life, and to get people to share an extra large amount of inspirational memes on social media. Personally I think it’s also a great excuse to allow yourself a small (Or big) adventure, and maybe a new job is just the thing to make this 2019 everything you would like it to be.

We’ve got to offer:

A chance to work with Perl but also polish your NodeJS/Python/Go skills
An experienced, fun and reliable team to work alongside of
Great office spaces with a mix of open schemes and places to hide when you need to concentrate
The prospect of growth for your career
The chance to be sent to conferences next year
Desired skills: Among other, client specific perks. So what’s your wishlist for this new year?

Desired skills: Perl, of course. Experience with the modern technologies and frameworks such as Mojo, Dancer or DBIx::Class would be a strong advantage. Experience with Javascript, NodeJS, Python or Go is a plus and you get extra cookie points for agile experience.
Website for more information: perl.careers
Contact information: leticia@perl.careers

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