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Customer Support Lab Application Developer

Posted: September 11, 2018
Company name: Cisco Systems
Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC, United States
Country: United States
Pay rate: DOE
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: some
Description: This is a fantastic opportunity to work on Perl full-time, developing a nice variety of features and applications.

What You'll do

You play an integral role in delivering support services to Cisco's customers. You will develop, maintain, and support the Web and automation tools which provide access to Cisco's global network of support labs.

CX Labs' lab management tools include:

- A checkout/reservation system,
- A 'case queue' work flow management system
- A comprehensive business intelligence suite
- A purchase tracking & request system, along with budget management
- A content management / presentation system
- Automation of network builds, inventory, power
- A suite of lab operation tools for managing addressing, facilities, weight, cooling, space, access, infrastructure, assets, and staff.

Who You'll Work With

The Customer Experience Labs deliver high speed, efficient, automated, virtual lab services that accelerate customer success and profitable growth.
Who You Are

You will have the opportunity to design, expand and build-upon the pre-existing tools. Open projects include developing a lab automation system and an intelligent case-routing system.

You are an experienced programmer and a practical thinker with a bias toward action. You are passionate about programming, as well as able to walk in the users' shoes. You understand the varied use cases involved in a large-scale lab and synthesize these diverse needs into simple-to-use applications.
Desired skills: - 5+ years of full-time Perl development, with current experience in Modern Perl techniques using Perl versions 5.22 and above.
- 3+ years of object-oriented Perl development.
- 3+ years of development utilizing one or more of the following: Mod_Perl, FastCGI, Plack, Dancer, Catalyst.
- 5+ years of developing relational databases; MySQL preferred with experience in MySQL 5.7. Knowledge of replication strategies, including Galera, is helpful.
- 3+ years in JavaScript programming. Experience with jQuery, Bootstrap, and React is highly preferred.
- Well-versed in Linux / UNIX platforms.
- A understanding of TCP/IP and networking, with exposure to Cisco devices and solutions would be very helpful.
Website for more information: jobs.cisco.com
Contact information: Please contact Eric Chernoff, echernof@cisco.com with questions. If you choose to apply via the Website link, please be sure to let me know.

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