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Cryptocurrency Web Applications Programmer

Posted: July 5, 2018
Company name: Greystar Solutions
Location: Atlanta, GA
Country: United States
Pay rate: Usd 30k-100k+
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: GSS is looking for a minimum of two Perl programmers for a 100% telecommute position. GSS has been in business for nearly 15 years; this job isn't going anywhere, and we're looking for people interested in long term employment.

Programming will be for cryptocurrency web applications (working with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and additional alt-coins).

Our range of compensation is wide for a reason--the more a potential candidate asks for, the more we'll expect from them. We're open to paying > $100k/year, but only to people who are going to be very useful to us, very quickly. OTOH, a more modest compensation scheme comes coupled with more modest expectations.

This project is 100% work-from-home.
Desired skills: *Perl experience (the job IS a Perl position, but we are willing to work with people who haven't done extensive work in Perl, provided they can learn sufficiently quickly)

*SQL, specifically, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

*Familiarity with Ajax, D3, Angular, Linux CLI, CPAN, Moose, OO Perl, etc.

*Our projects vary wildly in scope and complexity; there's no telling what additional skills might be useful; if you've domain expertise in anything that could possibly be useful to a growing business, let us know.
Website for more information: www.greystarsolutions.com
Contact information: garett@gss.us

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