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Perl Developer

Posted: April 12, 2018
Company name: Leading Fashion eCommerce Company
Location: London
Country: United Kingdom
Pay rate: £450+ per day
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: The Role:

• Build high quality applications and HTTP based services
• Work closely with both technical and non-technical members in the team
• Develop a good understanding of business requirements and write technical specifications
• Ensure that work is well-planned, estimated, implemented, tested, and documented
• Identify and help plan improvements to systems
• Participate in code review and mentoring processes
• Keep up with industry trends and experiment with new tools, technologies & development methods with a view to adopting best practices that fit the business
• Monitor and support production systems
Desired skills: Required Skills & Experience:

• Server-side development in Perl
• SQL/RDBMS (we use PostgreSQL)
• Version control systems (we use git)
• Able to investigate & trouble-shoot technical issues
• Able to rapidly and effectively context-switch
• Linux OS familiarity

Desirable Skills & Experience:

Experience of any of the following will be useful but training will be provided to the right candidate.
• Able to develop web-based user interfaces (HTML, CSS) & APIs (JSON & XML)
• Knowledge of CPAN modules and frameworks, particularly: DBI, DBIx::Class, Catalyst, Plack, Template Toolkit and Moose
• AJAX, Javascript & JS frameworks (we use jQuery)
• Experience building and testing high-availability applications
• Agile development methodologies and practises (Scrum, Kanban, TDD)
• Developing remote services with Perl and working with SOA
• Implementing continuous delivery (ideally using Jenkins and OpenStack)
• One or more JVM based languages and/or Ruby (specifically using the Cucumber test framework)

Understanding of:

• Perl & Linux conventions
• Message queues (we use ActiveMQ)
• Perl testing frameworks
• Refactoring
Contact information: Please email tpadberg@astoncarter.co.uk or you can call me on 02079971084

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