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Perl System Programmer (Linux)

Posted: March 29, 2018
Company name: Monit24.pl Sp. z o.o.
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Country: Poland
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: We are a company based in Warsaw - Poland, providing dedicated, advanced software-as-a-service for websites monitoring, and other IT services monitoring (SaaS, API, VOIP, video streams, mobile applications monitoring). We created our own solution based on Perl (95%) with elements of C, Python and Ruby. Our customers are the biggest representatives both from banking/finance, GOV, e-commerce, cloud and media sectors, mostly from Poland. We have developed our solution since 2006, so we have been through at least 2 significant system architecture changes and paradigm shifts. Our software is still robust, complies with the latest standards, and it is created with passion.

- If you want to work with us on developing great new features of backend of our monitoring system (both core, API and modules) giving our customers the best value software-as-a-service product;
- if you want to be part of a great, open-minded team and be a innovative architect and programmer of our monitoring system;
- if you love Perl and you are 100% committed to it;
we will love to work with you :)

Our solution is divided into following parts in which you will be able to contribute and of course gain new knowledge:
1. Our version 3 API, based on Swager / OpenAPI, implemented purely in Perl (with one algorithm embedded in C for exceptional speed)
2. Main monitoring server – a daemon implemented in OO Perl, divided into dozen of runtime processes responsible for particular tasks
3. Monitoring stations – daemons implemented in Perl, scattered all over the world, allowing our customers to check their websites from various Internet locations/networks. The newest modules are also written in Python since it has very robust interface for chromium engine that we use in about 5% of services.
4. Tools for our system management, both in Perl and Ruby since we like to explore new technologies and gain new knowledge.
Desired skills: The programmer we are looking for will be:
- implementing new features of our software in Perl
- helping in design of new features and changes of our monitoring system
- documenting one’s created code and new features
- unit test writing for created code
- code optimization and refactoring

In our system architecture we use also following technologies and solutions:
- gitlab
- MySQL/MariaDB
- nginx/apache/psgi/plack
- Linux Debian
- OpenAPI
- Perl modules including but not limited to: Curl, LWP, Crypt::Rijndael, JSON, IO::Socket, IO::Select, POSIX, Git::Raw, List::Util, Test::Most

We use Agile techniques for project management, and we have adopted with some improvements nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ for managing development process.

- you have to be proven Perl programmer with at least 4 years of working experience in a Linux environment
- it will be nice if you have at least bachelor degree in IT (programming, operating systems or databases)
- you need to have strong understanding of Linux-based software development environments
- at least basic knowledge and experience with relational databases and SQL is a plus
- knowledge and experience with programming using following mechanisms: multi thread/process, IPC, OO programming, network programming (IP)
- knowing of debugging tools like strace, gdb, NYTProf will be a significant advantage
- easiness working in Linux systems environments
- Polish or English language is desired
- strong analytical and problem solving skills will be extensively used in this position
- security aspects of programming and computer systems (Linux) are important skill
Contact information: Send us your application (CV) to perl(@at)monit24.pl

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