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Steady position in a stable company

Posted: December 7, 2017
Company name: Nobralux B.V.
Location: Boxtel, The Netherlands
Country: Netherlands
Pay rate: reasonable salary
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: We have a large system that we are steadily refactoring into stable and understandable code, writing new components, and keeping the whole structure afloat. We have a good Perl programmer and a front end developer in house, but what we need is more capacity. The market is moving and we need new gizmos created while we are paying off the huge technical debt that has built up over the last 14 years.
I write clean and comprehensible code, and you need to be able to comprehend it. You will be asked to help with the refactoring of the old code (which is spaghetti) and help us grow the system into a stable new system.
Great company, no politics and a friendly atmosphere. Not a startup and you get to do good in the world.
Desired skills: Some PERL.
I really need a good DBA who understands the mysteries of MySQL and can help deconstruct the very complex queries currently being used (before taking this on, I had never even SEEN a triple-nested UNION call!).
Good communication skills, there are two of us here already and you need to be able to fit into a group.
We are trying to move into SCRUMM.
We speak to a lot of API's and provide a few as well.
Website for more information: www.nobralux.nl
Contact information: Richard Still

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