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Perl Catalyst, Cloud Web App

Posted: July 21, 2018
Company name: Auto-Parallel Technologies, Inc.
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Country: United States
Pay rate: $1,500 usd
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (project-based)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: This project relates to development of the CloudForFree.org software:



The CFF platform is based on ShinyCMS on top of Perl Catalyst, combined with RPerl and CGI::Ajax and Ace editor, etc.

Phase 0, LAMP Installer Script Section 70
- Review & Comprehend LAMP_installer.sh Script
- Upgrade LAMP_installer.sh Section 70 “PERL CLOUDFORFREE” To Function Cleanly
- Demonstrate Section 70 Installing CloudForFree Software In Ubuntu 16.04
- Upgrade CFF Server To RPerl v4.0

Phase 1, GitLab & Bitbucket Authentication
- Add GitLab Authentication via Auth0 Platform (will provide instructions)
- Add Bitbucket Authentication via Auth0 Platform (already supported by Auth0)
- Add Warning To GitHub Users

Phase 2, IDE Code Editor
- Create Linux User Account For Existing & New Users
- New Copies Of Learning RPerl Exercises
- Save All Files In Linux User Home Directories
- Button For "Save File" Function
- Save & Quit Functions For Ace Editor vi & emacs Keyboard Commands
:w :wq ZZ etc.
Ctrl-x Ctrl-s Ctrl-x s Ctrl-x Ctrl-w etc.
- Multiple Open Files Via Tab Widget

Phase 3, Open GitHub Issues
- Review & Comprehend All Open GitHub Issues
- Collaborate With Client Personnel To Plan Solutions For Each Open Issue
- Implement Solutions For Each Open Issue

Phase 4, Terminal Emulation
- Full xterm Terminal Emulation For Command-Line Job Execution
- Includes All VT100 & VT102 & VT220 Features
- Resize Number Of Rows & Columns By Window Resize
- Resize Font Size By User Configuration
- Backspace, Tab, Other Special Command Characters
- Arbitrary Placement Of Characters At Any Row & Column
- Color Characters & Background
- Curses & Other Menu Support
- Full Window (F10) & Full Screen (F11)

Phase 5, Graphical Output & Mouse Input
- Full X-Windows Graphics Output Using Xpra HTML5 Client
- Generate Output Using SDL From Perl & C
- Mouse Left-Click, Right-Click, Drag, Scroll
- Resize Number Of Available X & Y Pixels By Window Resize
- Full Window (F10) & Full Screen (F11)

Phase 6, Repositories Integration
- Import & Setup User's GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket Keys Via Linux User Account (From Phase 2)
- List Of All GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket Repos With User As Owner Or Collaborator
- Admin Mode, Display All Repos
- Allow User To Enter Any Other Readable GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket Repo URL
ex. github.com/wbraswell/physicsperl
- Buttons For Basic User Git Commands
clone add commit push pull checkout status
- Do Not Duplicate Any GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket Web Functionality

Phase 7, Job Queue
- Job Scheduler & Monitor Using OAR (1st Choice), Or HTCondor Or Slurm (2nd Choices)
- Manage User's Jobs Via Linux User Account (From Phase 2)
- List Of All Current Jobs With User As Owner
- Admin Mode, Display All Jobs
- FileManager For Selecting *.pl RPerl Programs To Run
- Buttons For Basic Job Control Commands
start restart
stop (SIGTERM) force stop (SIGKILL) pause (SIGSTOP) continue (SIGCONT)
show/hide CLI (From Phase 4) show/hide GUI (From Phase 5)
- Display Resources: FLOPS, Cores, Memory, Storage; Total, Unused, Available To User
Desired skills: Perl 5
Website for more information: www.autoparallel.com
Contact information: Will Braswell
william DOT braswell AT autoparallel DOT com

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