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Senior Web and Backend Perl Dev

Posted: November 2, 2017
Company name: Nuvola Group
Location: Australia
Country: Australia
Pay rate: Depends on location of applicant
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (project-based)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: Nuvola is developing applications in the Payments and Digital Acceptance and eSignature domains. We are seeking an experienced web developer that has a passion for writing perl, who is an active member in the perl community and enjoys what we will pay them to do.

- Happy to have Freelancers and moonlighting, or full time
- We guarantee challenging and enjoyable work, in a high growth business.
- This role is fully remote working ( anywhere in the world )
- Flexible hours that you can suit you

Also we demand independent thinkers, that once their work quality is proven will not just be directed but can take a very strong lead on crafting and innovating solutions.
Desired skills: Required Skills - ability to take a given task and deliver to the criteria, comprehensive understanding of web development concepts, expert level knowledge in perl and vanilla js, solid troubleshooting and problem solving skills, solid understanding of basic Linux/unix/centOS principles
Experience of the following is a necessity - Apache, mod_perl, CGI, traditional OO perl, mysql, JSON.

Experience of the following would also be benificial - XML, HTML, CSS, PDF manipulation.

having knowledge on modern cutting edge web development techniques will also be beneficial as we move forward in developing out our solution...
Website for more information: www.nuvolagroup.com.au
Contact information: Andrew S.

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