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Software Engineer

Posted: September 26, 2017
Company name: BestVPNrating
Location: USA
Country: United States
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)
Hours: Flexible
Onsite: no
Description: We are looking for a specialist, which know how to read and write code. A perfect candidate should be able to design and deploy scalable, distributed systems. We are happy to cooperate with people eager to learn new technologies and solutions.
We are pleased to provide all the necessary assistance and resources to enable the candidate to complete its task, develop the skills and seek greater excellence.
Desired skills: Strong system level programming including languages like Python and Perl.
CI Solutions: Jenkins, Team-City, Travis, Circle or others.
Build tools: Ant, Make, Rake, Ninja or others.
Source control management solutions: SVN, git, Github, Gitlab or others.
Configuration management systems: Puppet/Chef/Ansible/Salt.
Website for more information: www.bestvpnrating.com
Contact information: e-mail: alex@bestvpnrating.com

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