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(Senior) Perl Developer

Posted: July 6, 2017
Company name: Genscape
Location: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: Due to strong international growth, Genscape is seeking a (Senior) Perl Developer to expand the EPSI Platform development team and tackle the challenges of scalability, speed, and data management. Based in Amsterdam, you’ll apply and develop your deep skillset in Perl within a focused and entrepreneurial environment to keep the EPSI platform at the cutting edge.

The EPSI platform enables European electricity market participants (power traders, power station owners, consultants, and regulators) to develop scenarios of short and long term market development based on supply/demand fundamentals. This B2B web-based platform has been developed using open-source components, based on Linux servers and with Perl as the dominant server-side technology and ES6 / React / Backbone as the front-end. Our product vision is centered around a superior user experience based on execution speed, interface usability, quality, and full integration between data and analytics. The EPSI platform was established in 2007 and has rapidly taken a leading market position in Europe.

The key objective of this role is to drive forward the technological foundation to enable the continued expansion of our platform business in Europe and internationally by expanding the capabilities of the Perl-based back end:

Expansion of the analytical feature-set in accordance with business objectives;
The move to cloud and re-working platform architecture to take advantage of scalability and manage growth in user numbers
Speed-optimisation of scenario execution and data storage to ensure market-leading performance;
Expanding and re-working the ingestion and processing of external data feeds to meet quality, flexibility, and speed criteria.
Desired skills: You have 5+ years’ experience in a Perl software development role
You have a good mathematical background
You have experience working with Modern Perl, Moo, XS, PSGI/Plack
You have experience with database architecture and development, MySQL
Development practices: Unit testing, Refactoring
You have used version control tools: Git
You have a familiarity with Agile development approach
You have a master's degree in an exact science or engineering field
You have Unix experience
Website for more information: boards.greenhouse.io
Contact information: boards.greenhouse.io/genscape/jobs/75...

Madelon Stevens
Director of European HR & Administration

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