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Perl Developer

Posted: August 19, 2017
Company name: Zaaksysteem.nl
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Country: Netherlands
Pay rate: Euro 3500-4500
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: As a backend perl developer you will join our team of 10 developers in developing our API and microservices for our web based SaaS Open Source product: Zaaksysteem.nl. A product focused on local governments in the Netherlands, which we believe is the best option for our customers in both user experience as product to digitalize their processes.

Developed mainly in perl it provides a JSON api for our internal frontend team and external API users. We build in a docker environment, and deploy on a Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack. We use the MVC framework Catalyst as our controller.

At this moment you will join our three perl developers, and we hope to rise to a team of 5 backend perl developers.

Als back-end perl ontwikkelaar ontwerp en ontwikkel je in een team van 10 developers de core van onze software, met een moderne API op basis van JSON. Voor ons team van frontend developers, maar ook voor onze externe gebruikers. Begrippen als OO, git, vagrant en docker kennen geen geheimen meer voor je, en het liefst open je hardcore de terminal voor een snelle one-liner. Je bent gek op uitdagingen, zoals het ontleden van een monolitische applicatie naar een eco-systeem van microservices.
Desired skills: * At least three years experience in Perl or related languages
* You know your way around complex perl frameworks and OO is your thing.
* Experience with Git, Docker, Linux
* Know your way around, or would not hesitate to learn, Catalyst, DBIx::Class.
* We would like to convert some microservices to NodeJS, eager to learn other languages is no showstopper for you.
* Knowing your way around complex clusters based on linux would be extremely helpful

Native language: dutch (we really hoped this would not be necessary, but otherwise, the complexity of the project rises extremely because of our target customers and their terminology).
Website for more information: zaaksysteem.nl
Contact information: Zaaksysteem.nl
Michiel Ootjers

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