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System administrator and Perl Scripter

Posted: May 3, 2017
Company name: AMEEX
Location: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Poster represents: an employer
Hours: Full time
Onsite: no
Description: - Research, development, scripting
- Responsible for administration of UNIX based systems
- Performing special projects and initiatives as assigned.
- Preparing technical deployment plans and system utilization reports
- Supporting our customers
- Include some work off hours
- Some int'l trips from time to time
Desired skills: - UNIX, Linux
- Apache and usual Internet Servers
- A lot of Perl and Shell. A little bit of C
- AWS Amazon
- SS7 (Netfors, Telestax, Ulticom)
- SMPP (SendXMS)
- TCP/IP and VPN (Cisco, Juniper)
Contact information: Please contacte st@unices.org

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