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Do you speak French, Perl, and passable English? Bilingual Perl developer needed in London

Posted: April 30, 2017
Company name: Perl Jobs by Perl Careers
Location: London, United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
Pay rate: pas mal
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: My London-based client is interested in native (or near-native) French speakers who are interested in relocating to London (to join an English-speaking team). While the majority of projects are undertaken in English, the client works with a number of European clients where ability to read and process French technical documentation would be helpful.

The company has a strong Perl team and a focus on “Modern” Perl, as well as a real commitment to open-source.
Desired skills: The ideal candidate has:

Experience with DBIx::Class and either Postgres or MySQL
Template Toolkit
Experience with at least one of the modern web frameworks: Dancer, Mojolicious, Catalyst
Exposure to Moose would be ideal

No degree or educational requirements, just strong Perl experience.
Website for more information: perl.careers
Contact information: Interested? Either fill out the handy form by following the link, or send us an email to pete@perl.careers, quoting jobref OSC185, and tell us a little bit about yourself!

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