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Senior Perl Developer

Posted: March 9, 2017
Company name: Pobox
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Country: United States
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: First off: know that you can see the way better-looking and more-link-rich version of this posting at www.pobox.com/jobs

But here's the deal:

We're looking for a Perl developer to join the FastMail team in our Philadelphia office. Come work on the original social media platform - email - at a place that strives to put the customer's needs first.

Together with our other engineers, you'll work on Pobox, Listbox, our about-to-launch new service, Topicbox, and their associated systems. (FastMail is our parent company, but not the code base you'll primarily be working on.)

This is a senior developer role. Expect to plan, make design decisions, and offer feedback and code review as a group - but be comfortable implementing solo. Everyone handles a mix of small tasks and larger projects - you will push code to production in your first week.

We have been simplifying and consolidating code for years, but our production code base spans 15 years - and you'll be working on it! Expect plenty of refactoring and converting in-place code to reusable methods. Plan on a 50/50 mix of new development and improving old code.

You may be a fit for this role if you:

* Have strong Perl skills. This is the main language that implements almost all of our server-side logic. A good programmer's abilities span languages, but you'll need to be (or quickly become) up to speed in modern Perl.

* Score "lines of code deleted" as high or higher than "lines written". Hearing "refactor" sparks joy in your heart. The first time you saw NYTProf, you thought of three pieces of code you were dying to run it on.

* Have always enjoyed untangling a ball of yarn, or look at code and think "I know there's a better way" - and want to dive in and do it.

* Seek balance between struggle and flow. There's value to figuring things out, but we also don't want you to waste your own time. You can identify when you're stuck, and feel comfortable asking team mates for another set of eyes.
Desired skills: Problems you might work on early on:

* improving code deployment across staging and production
* replacing our internal job queueing system
* moving older code (on perl 5.8) to the new environment (perl 5.24! yay!)
* finishing an overhaul of our email signing system (DKIM)
* making a first pass at new, unoptimized server code to shave off the first 90% of its runtime

Here's an unordered list of some of the things you'd be working with. We hope you're skilled in some of them; no one (except our staff) could already know them all.

Rx Schema
Joyent Triton (Solaris[h])
Crazy in-house ORM from 1999
Website for more information: www.pobox.com
Contact information: Send us an email to jobs@icgroup.com and introduce yourself! Please include a resume, in plain text or PDF, please.

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