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Software Engineer, Back end

Posted: January 16, 2020
Company name: IntelliSurvey, Inc.
Location: Mission Viejo CA, United States
Country: United States
Pay rate: DOE, but usually $75K to $150K USD
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: IntelliSurvey develops cutting-edge software for web surveys and online reports. Sure, there are many ways to deploy simple web surveys, but we focus on the most complex and tricky projects. For example, we run Fortune's Most Admired Company's survey, which goes out to thousands of CEOs and Fortune 1000 board members. We handle complex surveys that go out to hundreds of doctors, with each one being paid a few hundred bucks to take the survey. So our software has to handle things like quotas, complex branching, fraud detection, and many other things that simple tools don't even think of doing. We also need advanced tools that allow clients to slice and dice the survey data we collect. All of our software is web-based, and we use it internally and license it via an SaaS model.

Note that we aren't looking for people to program surveys with this posting. We already have another team that does survey programming and works with market research clients on a daily basis. This posting is all about finding candidates to build the software that builds the surveys. We need programmers who can write clean, modular code to help us extend and improve our software. Now is a great time to join our team, since we just completed a major new release of our software, and have a backlog of new features to build. We are using modern OO Perl code, including Moose and Plack/PSGI. On the front-end, we use javascript, including jQuery and the ExtJS library.

Experience with the technologies we use is great, but more important that any particular skill is the ability to learn quickly, figure things out on the fly, and make things happen. We are willing to train new team members as needed to fill in any gaps in experience.

We will consider a range of candidates, from mid-level to very experienced.

*About IntelliSurvey, Inc.*
We're a small, growing company. Currently we have about 110 employees, and we are planning to grow significantly over the new few years. We are funded entirely through operating cash flow, however, so we are stable and free to grow at our own pace.

We offer standard benefits such as a retirement plan with company match, health and dental insurance, stock options, and so on. Many of our employees work remotely, so our offices in Mission Viejo, CA doesn't have a company cafeteria or free food (although we do have free snacks and team lunches every week). But we are very flexible and focus on results rather than face time. Although this posting is for an on-site job in southern California, our software engineers can work remotely after they have worked with us for some time (typically a year or more). In addition those with long commutes to our offices can potentially work from home some of the time even from the start.

People who are self-starters and can work independently will fit in well with our team.
Desired skills: • object-oriented Perl programming experience
• the ability to write clean, modular, and understandable code
• excellent communication skills
• the ability to work well in teams
• the ability to learn quickly and apply new skills to the task at hand.
• Moose and OO Perl
• DBI and PostgreSQL and/or general database experience
• Web development
• Experience with web servers, particularly nginx and uwsgi
• MongoDB
• Version control experience, particularly with git
• Linux system administration skills are a plus
• Javascript, and in particular experience with the ExtJS and jQuery libraries would be helpful, but is not required, particular since the focus of this position is on back-end development.
• A sense of humor
Website for more information: www.intellisurvey.com
Contact information: To apply, view the job posting on our website here: www.intellisurvey.com/indeed-jobs/a6f...

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