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Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Perl Developer - Amsterdam

Software Developer

Posted: August 12, 2014
Company name: cPanel, Inc
Internal ID: 6
Location: Houston, TX
Country: United States
Pay rate: $70,000+
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: At cPanel, our software developers are tasked with designing, developing, and implementing internal and external software products. We are a Linux shop that demands team collaboration and great communication skills. Knowling Perl is essential, but if you've worked in the web hosting industry, you'll be ahead of the pack.

The Mission (what you’ll be responsible for)

-Creating new code for cPanel products and internal systems used to support, distribute or maintain those products
-Refactoring existing code to perform more optimally in the same situations or to work within new constraints
-Contributing knowledge from personal analysis to company knowledge bases
-Assisting other employees with their analysis of customer and internal systems

The Tools (what knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences we’re looking for)

-Oral Communication skills - it'll be important to know how to communicate in a professional and effective manner with a wide range of people
-Written Communication skills - also important will be to communicate effectively in all written work
-Teamwork skills - know how to work effectively as part of a team
-Planning/Organizing skills - can you prioritize work activities, use time efficiently and work through large projects in a self-motivated manner?
-Adaptability - you’ll have to adapt to competing demands and unforeseen events
-Problem solving skills - gather data, analyze it, propose a solution
-Interpersonal skills - be polite! be professional!
-Math skills - know how to perform basic Algebra equations

Education/Experience - High School diploma or equivalent.

-Three years years experience with Linux/*nix/BSD system troubleshooting or a related certification (RHCE)
-Two years experience of Perl development experience

Travel - Ocassional local and/or overnight travel may be required

In return for all the above, we offer the following:

Competitive Salary
Full Health, Vision, and Dental coverage
Flexible Spending Account
Free on-site lunch
Paid Vacation
Tuition Reimbursement
Casual Working Environment
401K Matching
Required skills: Technical skills - mad skills in the following technologies:

-Advanced knowledge of Perl: Regular Expressions, MVC, OO or other organized programming practices, Perl best practices, and usage of CPAN modules
-Working knowledge of Linux / BSD / *nix based operating systems, their underlying components and web related services
-Web Servers (Apache, LiteSpeed, etc), SQL Servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc),
Mail Servers (Exim, Sendmail etc)
-DNS Servers (BIND)
-Linux Filesystems (ext3, reiser, etc)
Website for more information: job.listings.cpanel.net
Contact information: Please apply at: job.listings.cpanel.net/x/detail/a2ld...

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