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Perl/Linux/Web Software Developer

Posted: June 16, 2014
Company name: TAG Online, Inc.
Location: Clifton, NJ, United States
Country: United States
Pay rate: Compensation dependent on experience and qualifications.
Poster represents: an employer
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: Technical professional in an established Internet business.

Successful candidates will be involved in the full cycle of development of custom and customized web applications for TAG Online's clients. The majority of our development involves a combination of Perl (typically with mod_perl), PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and SQL on Linux platforms. This work is done in small teams, and involves direct contact with customers for initial analysis and delivery of releases. Of key import is the ability to communicate well, both with clients and coworkers.

TAG Online also maintains a data center, and candidates may participate in the management of the networks and systems within.

A love of "puzzles" is a definite plus as clients occasionally need help with potentially obscure problems that their local ISPs can not or will not handle. This can involve in-depth digging through log files, testing of local and distant networks and various other forms of research as a part of the process, and the ability to solve these puzzles is an important part of the job.

If you've a passion for detailed and high quality work that is an expression of yourself, this is an excellent opportunity. We are looking for enthusiastic people to become part of the TAG team.
Required skills: - Minimum of 4 years of schooling in a computer-related field, or the professional equivalent
- Solid knowledge of the Internet and the World Wide Web
- Strong background in UNIX (Linux and/or Solaris)
- Experience working as a part of a development team
- Experience trouble-shooting

Ability to program in:
- Perl or PHP
- JavaScript (using AJAX)

- Ability to operate as both a self-starter and team player
- Good people and communication skills
- Eagerness to learn and a love of technology

Familiarity with:
- Apache (mod_perl would be very helpful)
- OO Methods
- Some non-empty subset of Java, C++, C
- WordPress
- Drupal
- Joomla
Website for more information: www.tagonline.com
Contact information: Please fax cover letter and resume to: (973)783-5334, or email (text files only) to: employment@tagonline.com. No agencies or recruiters, please.

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